Bioregulatory Medicine, an answer to immune mediated inflammation

bioregmedLast Winter I completed a program in Bioregulatory Medicine to better help my patients that were struggling with immune mediated inflammatory problems. Skin problems in particular were frustrating for me to get the results I wanted, that is complete resolution for my patients  You see, my training up until that point really used diet, acupuncture and herbs as the solution to skin cases. This approach worked well most of the time except when it did not. Bioregulatory Medicine offers a whole new approach to help the body get back on track so inflammation, itchiness, and redness can go away and stay away.

First, a little background on what is Bioregulatory Medicine. This approach views all symptoms as an expression of the body’s trying to deal with the effects of anything that puts stress on the body. These stressors are called homotoxins. Homotoxins can be the result of infection, trauma, inflammation, overconsumption, or overexposure to any irritant. When the homotoxin is an invader or coming from outside the body will try to keep the problem from getting from the outside to the inside where the most damage would occur. For example, if a dog gets exposed to a respiratory virus, the body’s initial response would be to eliminate it through producing more secretions, coughing out the virus, anything to promote the elimination of the virus and minimizing the likelihood of the virus penetrating more deeply into the body. This what we all experience with the onset of a cold. With bioregulatory medicine, symptom suppression is not the goal, but rather promoting the symptom resolution allowing for a quicker recovery and return to balance.

Bioregulatory Medicine uses homeopathic products that are combined into formulas that help promote the resolution of the inflammatory processes that the body is undergoing from the buildup of homotoxins in the different areas of the body. Homeopathically-prepared medicines, to support the inherent self-regulatory ability of the patient by means of detoxification and drainage, immunomodulation, functional organ support and support of the cellular metabolism. This system can be integrated with other conventional and integrative medicine treatments. I have also learned how to enhance the effectiveness of Bioregulatory Medicine by combining the homeopathic preparations with small amounts of the patients own blood and sometimes using a purified thymus extract. Once combined, the solution is reinjected into specific acupuncture points to stimulate the desired effect of resolving the immune-mediated inflammatory process.

Why blood? The blood has the blueprint of the things that are creating the immune mediated problem in the first place.

Why thymus extract? This contains substances that stimulate particular white blood cells (B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes) to communicate with the body normally and thereby restoring balance to the inflammation causing the problem.

By mixing the blood and thymus extract with the homeopathic solutions, we can better retrain our immune systems to stop overreacting to its own tissues. I am talking about merging homeopathy, acupuncture and immunnology to restore the health of our 4-legged patients!

Now, when presented with a medical problem like immune mediated skin disease (food allergies, pemphigus folliaceous, discoid Lupus, etc.) or immune mediated arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease arthritis, etc.), I can retrain the immune system of my sick patients to stop reacting inappropriately to their own bodies and finally get improvement on some of my most difficult cases. Watch for future success stories utilizing this technique and how purified bovine thymus extract can be crucial to getting truly amazing results.

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