Chronic Immune Challenge Holds Back Recovery From Lyme Disease – Guest Post

Kate-225x300Kate is a 21 year old paint QH mare. I’ve had Kate since she was a yearling so we’ve been best friends for a long time. About 3 years ago Kate tested positive for Lyme disease. She had typical symptoms of lameness that traveled throughout her joints. We administered doxycycline and she improved considerably and went back to work.

Last summer, I noticed she was losing weight. So I did a checkup on her teeth, ran some fecal count tests, adjusted her feed, but nothing seemed to curb the weight loss. So I took the next step with my primary care veterinarian and we did some blood work. In the meantime, Kate’s weight had dropped quickly from a healthy 950 lbs down to about 800 lbs, and she looked and felt awful. My primary care veterinarian noticed that Kate was also suffering from a significant heart arrhythmia, and she did not think the prognosis was very good.

When the blood work came back, it showed that Kate was anemic, and was positive for Lyme again. So with the help of an iron supplement for the anemia, and another course of doxycycline for the Lyme, Kate started to improve and gain weight! Soon after the doxycycline treatment ended, Kate plateaued on her weight gain, at an unhealthy 850 lbs, and her heart arrhythmia returned. Not willing to give up on my best friend, I went searching for other options. That’s when I found Dr. Landau.

Dr. Landau performed an acupuncture evaluation on Kate, and found her to have a deep immune challenge and most likely an active virus that she just couldn’t fight. That’s why she had improved some with the doxycycline but it wasn’t enough. He treated her with a form of acupuncture called hemo-acupuncture to repair her immune system. This entailed drawing a blood sample from Kate and reinjecting Kate’s own blood back into her body in specific immune-stimulating points. He also prescribed Chinese herbs to help her combat the virus while her immune system recovered. Well, it took about 2 weeks and the first signs of improvement started to show. Kate had that feisty look in her eye that I hadn’t seen in a long time! The next thing I noticed is that she was physically stronger and challenging her herd mates for her position as leader again. And now about one month later, she has gained about 50 lbs., her heart arrhythmia is gone, and she is back to work with a smile on her face (and mine too)!

I know I would have lost her over the winter this year between her declining weight and heart issues. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Landau and for his help in saving Kate!

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