Portosystemic Liver Shunts Resolved with Chinese Medicine – A client success story for Duncan and Nigel

Duncan-and-Nigel-a-700x320Duncan And Nigel presented to my practice just before their second birthdays. These litter mates were suffering from a congenital liver problem that prevented the blood from the digestive tract from reaching the liver. This created illness from digestive substances reaching the general circulation which should have been filtered  and processed by the liver. These animals typically present with a whole host of digestive complaints ranging from loss of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting, and failure to gain weight and thrive. The most severe cases will have seizures after meals. Nigel would tremble for a few hours after eating when he struggled. Fortunately, there are a variety of Traditional Chinese herbal formulas with a great reputation for helping the circulation in the liver. The following is the story told by owner Linda Fay of Duncan and Nigel:

Where do I begin? Around Thanksgiving week-end, my young Cocker Spaniels that happen to be males from the same litter, became ill. They were listless, vomiting, losing weight, and seemed to be in pain after every meal. Laboratory tests revealed that they had liver disease that was likely due to a portosystemic shunt. Ultrasounds showed that they’re livers had seriously diminished in size. Based on what I was told and what I had read, my precious dogs had mere months to live without intervention. We were devastated. We did not have the financial means or the inclination to go to the nearby teaching veterinary facility where they have could have performed more sensitive scans as well as costly and highly risky surgeries depending on what the scans revealed. When we shared this, our veterinarian whom we also consider a dear friend, suggested that we meet with Dr. Landau. She had used his services for her own dogs. At first, I didn’t think that alternative therapies could help my dogs. After all, we didn’t know the exact cause of their liver disease, although there most certainly was an underlying genetic cause.

Anyway we met with Dr. Landau later in December. Dr. Landau took a detailed history and made a thorough examination of my Cocker Spaniels. Some of the tests he performed would not be recognized in a traditional veterinary setting. He also took the time to address our concerns. When asked, Dr. Landau explained that from a Chinese medicine perspective, it did not matter what was causing my dogs illness. Rather, he explained, that the Chinese herbs and supplements that he was prescribing for my spaniels would work to bring about balance and wellness whatever the cause of their liver issues.

At first, although the boys were no longer vomiting, they continued to lose weight and became emaciated (one weighed eighteen pounds and the other weighed twenty pounds). However, they were becoming their former energetic selves. After two months of therapy, blood tests revealed no further liver damage was occurring, although liver function needed improvement. This was promising news. I began to have hope. Along the way, we experienced a few setbacks with bed wetting and a few bouts of vomiting. I would call with these and other concerns and Dr. Landau and his staff would work with me to help me resolve these issues over the phone so that I wouldn’t have to make the nearly one hour drive to the office. Did I say there was no charge for these?!

This brings us to the present, the beginning of May. The Cocker boys have gained weight, look great, and have so much energy that they often get into mischief. But best of all, their latest blood tests results indicate that their livers are functioning as they should! Words can’t express how grateful I am to our primary care veterinarian who brought us to Dr. Landau in the first place, and to Dr. Landau who took the time to work with us and saved our boys!

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