The Tune Up -The Best Preventative Medicine

Billy-Bob-3-e1386188319546Billy Bob, a 13 year old Beagle came trotting into my office this week. I asked his owner, Ed, how Bill was doing. “Bill has been doing great” was his reply.  His weight and comfort are excellent. He gets regular exercise and has a good diet which is supplemented with a joint supplement and a high quality, whole foods multivitamin. Ten years ago, prior to our first meeting, Billy Bob was in a serious amount of neck pain. He was reluctant to jump up. His low back was tucked and stiff. Bill could not climb up or down stairs and he would cry out when he tried to scratch himself. Bill’s primary care vet thought that his lower neck was the source of discomfort and I agreed once I got my hands on Bill. The great news was that after one chiropractic treatment he was significantly improved. He was back to normal in no time and has not had any episodes of pain since. Ed Brings Bill in quarterly for a “tune-up” chiropractic adjustment.

The purpose of tune-ups is to fix chiropractic issues prior to the development of pain and soreness. Chiropractic enables the identification of areas of the body which are not moving normally which, if left untreated, would create comfort and health problems. So, every three months, Billy Bob trots into my office and gets some chiropractic, treats, and pets. Then he trots right out until the next visit!

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