Why Come to Landau Veterinary Services?

Dr. Landau acupunctures horse

Using acupuncture to treat chronic Lyme Disease.

I often get asked by potential new clients what I can do for their animals. In essence, why should they come to my practice in the first place when they may be perfectly happy with their own primary care veterinarian. Well, I do not offer primary care at all and I want all of my patients to have a separate relationship with a primary care veterinarian with whom they like and trust for the things at which primary care often excels. This includes a targeted preventative medicine strategy of vaccination and parasite prevention, acute medical care (which handles infections, trauma, and surgical needs), and diagnostic capabilities to evaluate medical problems as they arise (blood work, ultrasound, x-rays, etc). What remains are chronic conditions where primary care struggles and often fails in achieving good results for their patients as well as holistic ways to manage acute problems.

Many people love their dogs, cats and horses well into their senior years and wish their beloved friends to remain as active as possible for as long as possible. Commonly, older animals struggle with similar problems as older people. Mobility, comfort, anxiety, and organ function can all become limiting factors which threaten a happy existence. Acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal therapies, supplementation, and low level laser therapy all improve the ability to deal successfully with these chronic problems in ways that allow an active and comfortable lifestyle. Over the course of a lifetime, I often have the opportunity to help patients in a variety of ways to improve quality of life and function.

In the picture above, I am treating an equine patient with a mixture of his own blood combined with homeopathic remedies that enable his body to overcome the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease. The blood homeopathic mixture then gets reinjected into the body at specific acupuncture points which alert the body to mount the appropriate immune response. The blood passes through a small gauge needle which causes the red cells, white cells and platelets to rupture as they are injected into the body and thereby exposing any hidden pathogens to the immune system. I often combine this therapy with herbs that help exteriorize the infection so that the immune system, once stimulated with this special acupuncture treatment, can then clear from the body.

This is a specific example of how I manage any chronic infection inĀ  a horse that is causing ill health. This is a unique therapy that is not offered by many other practitioners and has proven essential to help horses clear chronic infections.

Why then come to Landau Veterinary Services? If you do, I will do my best to manage whatever issues that are limiting your horses’, dogs’ or cats’ health. I will also provide a plan to manage age-related problems safely, effectively, and without the side effects of pharmaceuticals which can create negative health effects. I will help to improve the comfort and quality of life for each animal I see. This is my passion and my goal as a holistic veterinarian.

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