Acupuncture for horses

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Dr. Landau demonstrates acupuncture on Sugar on Mass Appeal

Here’s what you get for your referrals!

One of my clients asked if it was okay if he told others about how I am helping his dog with an oral hemangiosarcoma. I thought that was the perfect segue for letting him know of my referral program. Every new patient referred to my practice will earn you a $25 coupon toward future purchases at Landau […]

The Tune Up -The Best Preventative Medicine

Billy Bob, a 13 year old Beagle came trotting into my office this week. I asked his owner, Ed, how Bill was doing. “Bill has been doing great” was his reply.  His weight and comfort are excellent. He gets regular exercise and has a good diet which is supplemented with a joint supplement and a […]

LVS Moves to 40 Daniel Shays Highway in Belchertown, MA

After almost ten years of seeing patients in my home office in Pelham, MA, I am moving Landau Veterinary Services to a larger space in Belchertown to better serve my clients and their dogs and cats. The new space will have two exam rooms, reception area, bathroom, plenty of parking and two separate entrances. The […]

Bioregulatory Medicine, an answer to immune mediated inflammation

Last Winter I completed a program in Bioregulatory Medicine to better help my patients that were struggling with immune mediated inflammatory problems. Skin problems in particular were frustrating for me to get the results I wanted, that is complete resolution for my patients  You see, my training up until that point really used diet, acupuncture […]

Portosystemic Liver Shunts Resolved with Chinese Medicine – A client success story for Duncan and Nigel

Duncan And Nigel presented to my practice just before their second birthdays. These litter mates were suffering from a congenital liver problem that prevented the blood from the digestive tract from reaching the liver. This created illness from digestive substances reaching the general circulation which should have been filtered  and processed by the liver. These […]