Veterinary Services and Treatments

We believe in providing the safest and highest quality holistic veterinary care for your pets and animals, and offer a variety of services to make sure your best friend is brought back to health and happiness. Our staff is here to help with a wide variety of animal issues. Below is a list of services that Doctor Kevin Landau routinely offers to animals.

acupuncture for animals

Dr. Landau is certified in acupuncture by The Qi Institute of Chinese Medicine and will perform a thorough Chinese medical history and examination identifying the pattern of imbalance affecting your animal. This diagnosis then guides the decision of which acupuncture points to stimulate to bring the body back into balance, decreasing pain and inflammation, and improving health.

Dr. Landau helps animals find a way to create stability with cancers of many kinds and improves the patient’s ability to live comfortably with cancer for as long as possible. Owners see their pets experience increased comfort and decreased pain, increased strength and appetite, and decreased symptoms of the cancer. Always keeping an eye on quality of life, Dr. Landau helps owners navigate the many decisions surrounding treatments and maximizing the time owners have to spend with their cherished animals.

cancer care for animals

Dr. Landau uses a gentle and effective approach to chiropractic adjusting. Dr. Landau’s extensive training in Applied Kinesiology allows him to identify imbalances that hold the body in stressful patterns. Once identified, these patterns can be fixed through proper adjustments restoring mobility and function.

Many common animal diseases cannot be resolved with pharmaceuticals, prescription diets, and surgery. The side effects of the treatments for many others are often intolerable. Fortunately, there are effective herbal medications for most medical problems. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine can be used to manage so many problems in veterinary medicine like arthritis and pain, organ system imbalance and failure, metabolic syndrome and obesity, allergies and skin problems, and cancer.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a painless and effective treatment that works by generating a non-visible beam of coherent light that stimulates the body to heal at a tissue and cellular level. Laser Therapy can be used for managing pain and inflammation, sprains, strains, trauma, and injuries. It is also great for managing chronic pain.

Assisi Loop reduces Inflammation

PEMF Therapy utilizes a targeted pulsed electromagnetic field to create an electrical current through the tissues of the body.  This current will change the internal functions to reduce inflammation and pain and to stimulate healing and repair. 

animal care for older pets

So many aging pets need extra support. Orthopedic pain, stiffness and weakness combine to decrease mobility and comfort. This can spiral into a lack of movement and early deterioration of quality of life.

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