Chiropractic for Animals

Dr. Landau is certified in veterinary chiropractic (CVC) by The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Dr. Landau will identify the parts of the spine that are not moving as well as they should be by moving the spine, watching your animal move, and observing posture. Chiropractic issues will cause alterations in comfort and nerve conduction leading to the potential for future injury and lameness.

Finding and correcting these areas is true preventative medicine. You may notice Dr. Landau pressing on Karla’s arm while he works on your dog or cat. This is called muscle testing and is an applied kinesiology technique which allows Dr. Landau to gently identify areas of concern and confirm that the adjustment made a successful correction. When working on horses, Dr. Landau has devised a way to use the horse’s head to muscle test for weaknesses and can work independently.

Chiropractic is for young and old animals alike. It will help keep your animal comfortable and mobile.

chiropractic treatment for dogs
chiropractic treatment for horses
chiropractic treatment for dogs

Doctor Landau performing a chiropractic procedure on a horse.