Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine for Animals

Many common animal diseases cannot be resolved with pharmaceuticals, prescription diets, and surgery. Further, the side effects of many of these treatments are often intolerable. Fortunately, there are effective Traditional Chinese Herbal Medications that can be used to manage the most common and uncommon problems in veterinary medicine.

The system of herbal medicine that developed in China differs in several significant ways from European herbal medicine. The most obvious difference is that the Western herbal tradition focuses on herbs taken by themselves. In contrast, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine makes almost exclusive use of herbal combinations that have been used with success for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. More importantly, these formulas are not designed to treat symptoms of a specific illness; rather, they are tailored specifically to the individual according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For this reason, this is a deeply holistic and powerful healing approach. 

Herbal Medicine Can Help With...

Old Age Complaints

Arthritis, weakness, anxiety, organ system failure, and inflammation.


Inflammation usually affects the the surface linings of the body (skin, urinary bladder, eyes, respiratory tract, and the digestive tract). The ultimate source of inflammation in many animals is directly related to diet. Nutrition is the key to control inflammation in small animals and will often be the key to treating diabetes, Cushings disease, insulin resistance, and obesity. All of these conditions are all metaphorically the same—inflammation secondary to overnutrition with unhealthy foods. Let Dr. Landau guide your dog or cat to wellness through proper diet and nutrition. While the diet is setting up long-term health, Dr. Landau will choose the right Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine to restore health. Combining the right diet with the right herbal formulas will truly unlock the healing magic of the body.


Minimize the effects of having cancer by slowing tumor proliferation, decreasing blood flow to the tumor, inhibiting tumor metastasis, stimulating the body’s immune response, decreasing pain and inflammation, and improving appetite.  If we can’t eliminate the cancer, we will help the body live with cancer promoting an excellent quality and length of life. Dr. Landau has worked with patients with many cancer diagnoses and am astonished and encouraged by the results achieved using Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Lameness and Trauma

Musculoskeletal pain, whether acute or chronic, is occurring due to qi and blood stagnation. The right Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas will break up blood and qi stagnation, leading to the free flow of qi and blood leading the body to comfort and healing.


Unexplained Illnesses and Changes in Behavior

You don’t need a diagnosis to know something is amiss with your animal. Changes in behavior and habits may be a sign of a shift in internal balance. Why not address these changes before they become illness? Understanding the imbalance and choosing the right herbal formula to restore this balance will be key to preventing future illness.

And Many Other Illnesses

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