Herbal Medicine

The Power of Herbal Medicine

Many common animal diseases cannot be resolved with pharmaceuticals, prescription diets, and surgery. The side effects of treatments for many others are often intolerable. Fortunately, there are effective herbal medications for most of these disorders. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine can be used to manage the most common and uncommon problems in veterinary medicine.

Old Age

Arthritis, weakness, anxiety, organ system failure and inflammation.

Lameness and Trauma

Minimize pain and energy stagnation.


Usually affects the skin, urinary bladder, eyes, and the digestive tract. Often relates to nutrition and the function of the spleen in Chinese medicine. Diabetes, Cushings Disease, insulin resistance, and obesity are all metaphorically stemming from the same inflammatory cause in Chinese medicine.


Minimize the effects of the cancer on the body and help create a stable environment. If we can’t eliminate the cancer, we will help the body live with cancer promoting an excellent quality and length of life. I have worked with patients with many cancer diagnoses and am humbly encouraged by the results achieved using Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Unexplained Illnesses and Changes in Behavior

You don’t need a diagnosis to know something is amiss with your animal. Changes in behavior and habits may be a sign of a shift in internal balance. Why not address these changes before they become illness?