Cancer Care

Comprehensive Cancer Caretraditional-chinese-img-1024x685

My practice utilizes the best in nutritional and herbal therapies to aid in the management of cancer. While acupuncture and chiropractic certainly can help manage these patients by unlocking the body’s ability to heal itself, it is Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapy that often delivers the multi-pronged punch which controls tumors naturally.

How can herbs treat cancer? Well, plants get cancer and they can’t get to the oncologist for help. They had to evolve their own methods to defend their bodies. Plants gets cancer because they are engaged in the most dangerous daily job around: photosynthesis which places oxidative stress on cells and damages DNA, a recipe for cancer formation. Cancer cells are normally able to mutate their way into dominating the body. Using herbal formulas to treat cancer unleashes thousands of natural chemicals all able to control the ability of cancer cells to thrive, grow, and metastasize. It’s a way to allow the body’s natural defense systems to catch up and get ahead of a tumor’s ability to thrive and wreak havoc on the body. The body then has the time to reestablish controlover the tumor. Using Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in conjunction with key supplementation allows for:

  • Cancer cell differentiation: this makes it easier for the body to recognize and kill cancer cells.
  • Cancer cell death.traditional-chinese-herbal-medicine-1
  • Inhibition of tumor cell metabolism.
  • Improved intracellular communication and control of growth of cancer cells.
  • Inhibition of blood flow to tumor mass to starve the tumor of a blood supply.
  • Inhibition of tumor cell invasion.
  • Inhibition of metastasis (spread).
  • Enhancement of immune function.
  • Neutralization of free radicals.

Success comes from creating stability with cancer, not necessarily the eradication of all cancer cells. Animals will show improved quality of life and increased longevity.

  • Increased comfort and decreased pain.
  • Increased strength and appetite.
  • Decreased symptoms of cancer.

Often, patients will just look like they do not have cancer anymore or at least not a cancer that has taken over. There is absolutely no reason why traditional chemotherapy can not be used in conjunction with herbal therapies. As a matter of fact, herbal therapies have been clinically proven to increase the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

If your pet gets a diagnosis, the first step is to consult with your primary care veterinarian for your options for best results (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.). Before starting these therapies, it is time to consult with Landau Veterinary Services to maximize success and minimize side effects.