acupunc1-199x300With horses, acupuncture point examination is the foundation of treatment. Horses with hock pain, for example, will have a specific pattern of acupuncture point sensitivity. This helps take away the guessing when it comes to finding the source of a lameness. Combine this with the power of Applied Kinesiology and many imbalances can be identified and corrected even before they create pain or illness! Acupuncture will get energy flowing through these stagnant, painful acupuncture points treats the problem.

I can stimulate acupuncture points in a variety of ways fr0m regular dry needling to injections with vitamin B-12. Horses that seem intolerant of being needled can get many of the same benefits of needling when I use my laser machine to stimulate acupuncture points. This is completely painless and takes the stress out of treatment for many horses.

Finding the acupuncture points which normalize the body's energy, leads to both the resolution of symptoms and the selection of herbal formulas which will lead to complete healing. Equine Acupuncture has the added bonus of using the pattern of trigger points on the body's surface to localize different sources of lameness and biomechanical dysfunction.